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Most map software has boundaries based upon standard and simple information, such as state, county and ZIP Code.  However, a major government organization needed more detailed G.I.S. information – created to precise specifications – for a nationwide recruitment project. They needed GIS map software that showed the entire country organized into totally unique territories, with specialized G.I.S. and other data organized into very targeted local information.  And, they requested GIS map software outlining custom boundaries, with complex data plotted onto one interactive mapping tool. Adding to the challenge, nationwide, ALL of their team members (especially non-technical and non-GIS savvy ones) needed to access the G.I.S. map software, so the technology had to be extremely user-friendly for everyone.

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They hired TrueVector Technologies to create customized, interactive GIS map software that they could use in their recruitment efforts. While we specialize in custom mapping and G.I.S. map software, most of these projects involve three layers of information, but this government client actually needed four layers of complex GIS information included. This client needed to pinpoint 11,000 specific locations across the United States, and needed G.I.S. map software that allowed them instant access to details about the size, location and other key factors all integrated into one G.I.S. mapping product.

The TrueVector Technologies team was able to handle this client’s complex G.I.S. map software needs. We took immense amounts of G.I.S., demographic, and customer data, created four levels of information and plotted it into one interactive, user-friendly GIS map that can be accessed by their vast nationwide team.

We excel at solving our clients’ specific G.I.S. map software challenges by creating customized mapping tools to meet their needs. We specialize in taking massive amounts of G.I.S., customer, and other data and making it simple for our clients to view, track and analyze this information through our customized GIS map software.

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