Creating LATA Maps, Rate Center Maps and Network Maps for the Telecommunications Industry

TrueVector Technologies is a leader in creating LATA maps, Network maps and Rate Center maps that work for the telecommunications industry. A leading telecommunications company approached us with an industry-specific challenge. They needed to view unusual interstate telecom areas so they could accurately display their service offerings by local areas on a national basis.  We decided the best solution was to develop a LATA map that would let them easily track the necessary information.

TrueVector Technologies created a unique interactive LATA map (Local Access and Transport Area) and Rate Center maps to show the telecom provider’s specific services available by geography. In addition, LATAs often cross state boundaries, which posed a unique network mapping problem because the interstate LATAs (and all of their Rate Centers) had to be viewable from these multiple states. TrueVector Technologies’ LATA map /Rate Center map is the only truly interactive network map that addresses interstate LATAs in this way. Most typical – and universally available – consumer-based network mapping applications simply cannot handle these sophisticated LATA maps, Rate Center maps and Network maps – but TrueVector Technologies excels at creating them.

Other telecom providers need to interactively display their network maps to dynamically portray the robustness of their networks and the locations of their “Points of Presence” (POPs).  They turned to TrueVector Technologies to handle their network map needs.

There was no easy way to handle complex, national networks with a multitude of POPs, but TrueVector Technologies was up to the challenge. Our talented team developed a customized network map solution, creating maps that allow interactive viewing of a provider’s various network components – including POPs and backbone links–on a multi-layer, zoomable map. TrueVector’s interactive National Network maps and LATA maps are the best way for telecom companies to fully and interactively show the expansiveness of their services and the key elements of their network backbone.

TrueVector Technologies is a pioneer in the telecommunications network map and LATA map arena, creating customized LATA maps and rate center maps for a variety of telecommunication clients. Our management team has extensive telecom industry experience, and we’re uniquely positioned to help telecom providers showcase their networks and service offerings in a fully interactive, unique way.

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