Custom Maps

Business depend on TrueVector Technologies to provide custom maps, interactive maps, Flash maps and visually-attractive maps to meet their needs

  • A retail chain spotlights their multiple locations using our interactive maps.
  • A company’s CEO tracks information by sales territory by using our custom maps.
  • A politician needs quick access to the country by Congressional districts and uses an interactive map or a custom map to suit their specific needs.
  • A recruiter views information on a national basis, as well as by specific local criteria, easily using our interactive maps to gather necessary data.
  • A state tourism board spotlights local attractions using our flash maps.
  • A business uses an interactive map to display sales territories and see their market penetration.
  • A marketing department plots their current – and potential – customers’ locations on an interactive map so that they can adjust their marketing efforts accordingly.
  • A company uses flash maps to increase awareness of – and excitement about – their various locations.

TrueVector Technologies creates interactive maps that solve our clients’ diverse challenges, using online mapping tools that visually display data.  Our custom maps meet each client’s specifications.  And our flash maps demonstrate key information in a visually stunning way.  These interactive maps allow our clients – and their key audiences – to easily manage, view and interpret complex information.

Our custom maps:

  • Are customizable based on client specifications. We can create custom maps that track information by state, county, ZIP Code or any other parameters that our clients request, such as sales territories, recruitment zones, Congressional districts and more.
  • Solve a number of business-critical uses within multiple industries.  Our interactive maps can track package deliveries and show telephone services available.  We can include flash maps to promote tourism. And our store-locator maps make it easy to find stores across town or across the country.  Our interactive maps even make it easier to search for real estate properties.
  • Are extremely user-friendly, even for people that aren’t tech-savvy.
  • Use FLASH animation.  Our flash maps can be easily uploaded to clients’ existing websites.
  • Can be updated to reflect each client’s brand.  Our custom maps can be created using different colors, scale, locations, borders, configurations, data and more.
  • Provide instant access to a wide array of valuable information.
  • Can be built quickly, accurately and affordably.
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