Data Sourcing

Our clients depend on our user-friendly, interactive maps that often involve complex requirements to display unique data. TrueVector assists our clients in finding special sources for data, such as demographics; Federal, State and local government information; institutional data, or other geographical data types. We work regularly with government and private organizations to identify the most accurate and reliable sources for necessary data, then negotiate the best sourcing arrangement. We also oversee the regular updating and refreshing of data with these outside agencies.

Almost all of our clients have their own data (such as information about customer, sales, locations, etc.) that they want to include in their maps. We work with each client to format the data so it can be included – and read – on their maps.

We view data sourcing as an integral part of building an effective map, using either internal or external sourcing. We perform this function as your partner and as a key component of our service to you.

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