Standard Maps

The US National Three-Layer Map

Our standard map is three layers, allowing users to first see the entire US, then click on counties and then ZIP Codes. Use this map to display your locations to your customers, who can see your service areas and click on a specific location to access printable directions. This is a general map that’s applicable in all industries.

U.S. LATA/Rate Center Map

Displaying Rate Centers and Local Access and Transport Areas (LATAs) in an interactive map is a great way to demonstrate your services. An assortment of colors differentiates various service areas, and users can zoom in on specific locations to view calling patterns, services offered in their area and more. By combining this map and the network map, users can toggle between network locations and Rate Centers. This option is used extensively by telecommunications providers.

U.S. Map with Search Module

This map allows for filtered search results, allowing users to conduct advanced queries. Users can view properties in a specific ZIP Code or region, and search by specific criteria, such as property price, number of bedrooms, or other amenities. This option is popular among Realtors.

Two-Way Communications Map

This map allows for two-way communication between the map and web server. This option allows the user to be proactively alerted to a change in data, such as a package delivery company that’s experiencing scheduling delays. This option is ideal for delivery companies, as well as companies tracking sales territories.

Multiple Layer Map

Users can toggle between distinct search layers, such as area code, ZIP Code or other configurations. This option increases efficiencies when a user needs to consider several different perspectives when working on a project. This type of map is valuable for advertisers scouting geographies for an ad campaign, or salespeople planning their outreach.

Single State Map

Single state maps are a helpful way to showcase points of interest and major attractions. TrueVector Technologies can break down single state maps by a variety of criteria, including counties, ZIP Codes, area codes and even Congressional districts. This option has a wide range of applications, including tourism, sales and politics.

Google Front-End Map

Our maps allow users to access data without encountering drop down boxes or ZIP Code requests. Users can simply drill down through the map layers until they see the data they want. Once they make a selection, they can go to Google maps for street directions. This is the perfect marriage between TrueVector and Google, and this application works well for the real estate, retail and tourism industries, among others.

Developers’ Version

Our developers’ version comes in two configurations: a U.S. map that drills down to either county level or ZIP Code level. This is a fully functioning map that comes with theme and design .xml as well as other configurable .xml files. It’s intended for use by developers who are able to install and configure the map on their clients’ websites.

Custom Maps

Custom maps are our specialty, and we can create a customized solution with levels or layers that fits each client’s specific objectives. Our visually-stunning, interactive maps allow companies across all industries and experience levels to easily and efficiently manage complex data. We pride ourselves on providing customized solutions to meet our clients’ individualized needs.

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